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Steam Breaks Through 30 Million Concurrent Users Milestone

Steam hit an important milestone this weekend. The game portal, for the first time he registered more than 30 million concurrent users.Used by 30,032,005 gamers around 14:00 UTC today platform (opens in new tab)While most people enjoy their leisure time playing their favorite PC games on the weekends, many keep themselves busy in the community or browse and buy games in stores.

By the weekend of 2022, Steam typically hit 27-29 million concurrent users. Concurrent users His quota last peaked at the end of March 2022, when 29,986,681 users were busy on the platform. But as you know, the good weather in the northern hemisphere has led people to go out more often on weekends, leaving their dens of games and fortresses of solitude to gather dust. Steam’s concurrent users have already crossed the 30 million milestone, even before Halloween.

The PC platform is notable for several things, including its versatility, the potential for massive CPU and GPU processing power, and its openness. However, this latest Steam data shows its durability despite increasing competition from console, mobile and streaming gaming platforms. And while there’s been plenty of news about PC and component sales dropping in the wake of the recession, PC gaming is probably stronger than ever.

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Should the new Steam record complete PC and component companies? To some extent yes, but PC enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts who like to invest in and upgrade a few new releases for pricing In other words, PC and component makers just can’t keep going like the crypto boom is still there. While some may enjoy selling flagship components at the top of the market right now, many mainstream users remain price sensitive.

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