Texas wants to be the centerpiece of Bitcoin innovation, says Governor Abbott

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Governor of Texas Greg Abbott He sees value in what bitcoin means for the world at large, adding that his state “wants to be at the center of it.”

Texas is Bitcoin country

In a meeting with the Texas Blockchain Council, Abbott encouraged Bitcoin entities to set up shop in Texas, rewarding those who do with “ease of doing business” and the absence of regulatory friction. said.

“We are facilitating it and moving it forward. You can say.”

Abbott said the state of Texas will continue to push its pro-Bitcoin/blockchain agenda to support the development of digital asset innovation in the state.

When asked about the differences between Texas and other bitcoin-promoting states, Abbott said that Texas would seek to make the state “more attractive” to ensure the success of bitcoin. It said it had created a working group to focus on improving the law.

“Get this, we don’t want to be over-regulatory when Texas gets involved in legislation. We are kind of anti-regulatory. We want to provide the infrastructure.”

According to recent information smart asset survey Among crypto-friendly U.S. states, Texas ranks fourth alongside New Jersey, followed by Nevada in first place, followed by Florida and California.

In compiling the rankings, the study looked at factors such as the availability of cryptocurrency jobs and familiarity with local state laws.

Texas ignores ESG

In August, texas announced the sale of state funds from several providers, including BlackRock, due to its focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar said the companies at the center of the storm have a responsibility to advance an agenda that threatens the state’s oil and gas industry.

Last month, Louisiana followed suit with a $794 million sale from BlackRock. “Support for ESG investing is at odds with Louisiana’s highest economic interests and values,” said Louisiana Treasury Secretary John Schroeder.

In response, some observers called on the sold states, including Utah, Arkansas, and West Virginia, to buy Bitcoin instead.

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