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TikToker Improves CPU Cooling by Adding Salt to Thermal Paste

You can’t cool a modern processor without using a thermal paste (preferably one of the best thermal pastes) to help transfer heat from the CPU to the heatsink. Also, most thermal pastes are made either with a combination of zinc oxide and silicon, or some kind of liquid metal. This is because these materials are highly conductive. But what if you had other substances around your home that you could substitute or add to your thermal paste to provide better cooling?

A TikTok user named @mryeester, have tried different foods to see if they could be used in place of commercial thermal paste. He has no less than a dozen videos showing his attempts to get hold of household items like powdered sugar and maple syrup to help cool the CPU, but most of the time the temperature is much lower. will be higher. However, when @mryeester added salt to the thermal paste, he found that the temperature improved by 2-3°C over the thermal paste alone.

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