Unique multi-asset launchpad aims to democratize venture capital

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SwissBorg has a goal to democratize venture capital and equalize wealth management through its new multi-asset launchpad.

With a mission to democratize asset management, crypto-based solutions implement seven layers of disrupting multi-asset management through a unique launchpad for investing in all types of assets.

After a year of record client wealth, the global wealth management industry is growing rapidly, expanding the number of self-managed and advisory clients and positive pre-tax margins. But behind these interesting facts lies a huge gap between the rich and the poor. The main reason for this gap, which has existed from generation to generation, is that certain HNWIs are earning higher returns than the average investor. This perpetually widens the wealth gap, denying the average investor some of the opportunities offered to high net worth asset investment clients.

according to report by McKinsey financial market, the wealth management growth agenda is taking center stage and will be driven by four catalysts. These include introducing fast-growing segments, meeting new client needs, creating new business models, and building new investment products. Through these four, the industry will present a level playing field for investment, engage novice investors, explore private markets and digital assets, and disrupt wealth personalization.

To achieve its fast-growing agenda, SwissBorg is leveraging distributed ledger technology to democratize asset management and deploy a fun, fair, community-first platform. The platform’s ecosystem already has a user base of 700,000 and is focused on implementing sophisticated financial tools to help bridge the severe wealth gap. SwissBorg’s extensive team believes that by leveraging investment tools previously owned by only the rich, a comprehensive financial product can be distributed to everyone.

SwissBorg is about to celebrate its fifth anniversary. To mark progress so far, the asset management firm has rolled out the SwissBorg multi-asset launchpad, his fifth of seven tiers to democratize wealth and asset management. Through the company’s slogan of turning token holders into community members and community members into business partners. SwissBorg considers itself several steps ahead in returning wealth ownership to the community. The Launchpad rollout is one of the steps. It serves as a way for community members to invest in early-stage innovation and participate in cloud investments, IDO token launches, premium reward staking, and access to hybrid equity tokens.

Multi-asset launchpad Not only is it community-centric, it demonstrates McKinsey’s four agendas for fast-growing wealth and wealth management. Meanwhile, his 700,000+ users of the platform demand all kinds of professionally vetted investment assets, transparency and investment guidance.

SwissBorg Series A Early Access

SwissBorg invites interested individuals to participate in a series A community fundraiser aimed at turning all community members into business partners. For more information on the SwissBorg Series A Early Access Program, please visit: Grow your wealth with a trusted, community-focused asset manager.

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