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USB 4’s 80 Gbps Spec Released Alongside New Logos

USB4 version 2.0, first announced last month, includes an official specification document for developers to follow. USB-IF (USB Implementer’s Forum), the governing body of USB, new document (opens in new tab) At the same time, we are unveiling a new “USB 80 Gbps” certification logo that can be used on USB cables and devices that reach speeds of 80 Gbps.

USB 4 (technically USB4, but usually spelled with a space) was announced in 2019, supporting connections up to 40 Gbps and offering cross-compatibility with Thunderbolt 3 and 4. , up to 120 Gbps in one direction (40 Gbps downlink) to power high-definition monitors.

Using the bandwidth of USB4 v2.0, this standard is fully compatible with DisplayPort 2.1 and can power up to 4K displays at up to 240 Hz or up to 10K displays at 60 Hz without the need for compression. increase.

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