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Western Digital’s Black SN850X With Heatsink Hits New Low at $142: Real Deals

After updating a new low, 2TB WD Black SN850X SSD with Heatsink Dropped to $142 Ahead of upcoming sale events like Amazon Prime Day. Do you want to pull the trigger now or wait for greater trading potential? The choice is yours. For more performance numbers for this ultra-fast SSD, read our review of the WD Black SN850X.

Feature-Rich 28″ Gigabyte M28U price drops slightly to $539, save a few bucks on a high-definition 4K monitor with a built-in KVM switch and a fast 144Hz refresh rate. To take full advantage of this higher UHD resolution, you need a good GPU. Alternatively, you should experiment with graphics techniques such as DLSS and FSM to achieve higher framerates while maintaining image quality.

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