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Thirsty Suitors Gets a November 2023 Release Date

Thirsty Suiters is a very unique game featuring turn-based combat with ex-lovers, skateboarding, cooking and more, coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S (Game Pass!) and Xbox One . PC, and Switch will launch on his November 2, 2023.

The Annapurna Interactive Showcase introduced The Thirsty Suitors, and we also got a new trailer that gives a glimpse into some of Jarrah’s adventures ahead. Jara must learn to “cope with demanding parents, reconcile with her ex-lover, and mend broken friendships in time for her sister’s wedding.” ”

As if that wasn’t packed into the game enough, Thirsty Suiters is also a stylish celebration of South Asian culture, drawing heavily from the developers’ real-life experiences.

Each gameplay section in Thirsty Suiters has depth, and combat includes upgrades, special abilities, and even a mood system that allows you to exploit enemy weaknesses. Similarly, skating has plenty of tricks, combos, and challenges to complete, while cooking sees Jarrah repairing his relationship with his mother and cooking South Asian-inspired dishes.

In our Thirsty Suiters preview, we said: “This is a game that knows it’s stupid, isn’t afraid to make fun of itself, never mocks Jala and downplays her situation… something I wish I could have done.” There are some.” We were able to see more details like reuniting with parents through cooking, fending off random suitors, and 1v3 battles. I’m sure we’ll see these in time, but at least for now, here’s what I’ve seen: Sounds promising. ”

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