What’s on TV This Week: Fourth of July Fireworks and ‘Moonshine’

Between network, cable and streaming, the modern television landscape is vast. Here are some of the shows, specials, and movies that will air on TV this week, July 3-9. Details and hours are subject to change.

“Road to Marathon” many times in traditional Chinese medicine. Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour star in seven films in the Road to … series, known for their minimalist plots and long, high tension. On Monday nights, TCM will air the first of his three, ‘Road to Singapore’, ‘Road to Zanzibar’ and ‘Road to Morocco’ from 8pm.

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular 8 p.m. on NBC. For nearly 50 years, Macy’s has been responsible for the iconic fireworks show that lights up the New York skyline on Independence Day, and this year is no exception. The broadcast will also feature performances by Ashanti, Brett Young, The Roots and the US Army Field Band.

Houses of Parliament No. 4 Starting at 8 p.m. on PBS (check local programming). While fireworks will be set off over Manhattan’s East River, there will also be behind the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., and DC Boyz II Men, Renée Fleming and the Muppets will also appear during the PBS broadcast.

Forget Sarah Marshall (2008) 7pm on E! Heartbroken puppeteer and musician Peter (Jason Segel) meets hotel concierge Rachel (Mila Kunis) at a Hawaiian resort. Throw in Peter’s ex-girlfriend (Kristen Bell) and her new rocker boyfriend (Russell Brand), who are staying at the same resort, and this rom-com turns into a totally hilarious dumpster fire. The film “does not quite live up to the genre’s established conventions,” wrote AO Scott in a book review for The New York Times. “His willingness to explore emotional states and behaviors never approached in a gentle romantic comedy is a clear virtue, but this same sense of boldness and candor exposes its limits. ”

human footprints 9 p.m. on PBS (check local programming). Hosted by Princeton University Professor Shane Campbell Staton, this six-part series is a fusion of travel and science that discusses the pros and cons of how humans are changing the planet. is.

Forrest Gump (1994) 8 p.m. at Paramount. Although classified as a “comedy,” the film packs an emotional punch. The story follows Forrest (Tom Hanks), who can do almost anything he sets his mind to, except win over his childhood sweetheart Jenny (Robin Wright). “Constructed as Forrest’s autobiography and centered around Forrest’s lifelong love for an elusive beauty named Jenny, ‘Forrest Gump’ has an emotionally gripping narrative element,” Janet Maslin wrote in The Times. wrote in a book review. “But this feels less like a romance and more like a coffee table book that celebrates the magic of special effects.”

The Devil Wears Prada (2006) 7pm on VH1. Andy (Anne Hathaway) abandons his dreams of being a journalist and takes a job as an assistant to Miranda Priestley (Meryl Streep), the editor-in-chief of a glamorous fashion magazine. Come and take some Parisian costumes and photos. Read Stanley Tucci’s wonderful line, “Brace yourself.” If you want to spice up your movie-going experience, take a sip of your drink every time someone tells you, “She’ll have a million girls die for this job.” By the end of the movie, you’ll be well hydrated.

moonshine 9pm on CW. This Canadian comedy is like reading Erin Hilderbrand’s beach book with a bit of “Succession” mixed in. The story begins with Bea and Ken Finley-Cullen trying to decide if any of their colorful children are ready to take over their business as a summer resort with love. There’s small-town drama, illegal businesses, and secrets people try to hide.

1982: The Year of the Greatest Geek Ever 8pm on CW. In 1982, Michael Jackson’s Thriller was released, Cats opened on Broadway, and the first episode of Late Night with David Letterman premiered on NBC. This CW documentary features key moments in pop culture, as well as interviews with the writers, producers, and directors of that year’s blockbusters, including ET, Blade Runner, and Poltergeist. I’m here.

Last order Starting at 9 p.m. on HBO. In 1990s New York City, as the LGBTQ community was dealing with the AIDS crisis and hate crimes, a serial killer known as the “Last Call Killer” broke into the scene. His name comes from his pattern of luring drunken men out of piano bars and then killing them. This documentary highlights the deep-rooted discrimination that exists within the criminal justice system and how communities have had to work to get the NYPD to take crime seriously.

Luann and Sonia: Welcome to Crappie Lake 9 p.m. on Bravo. With the help of two Real Housewives of New York City, Bravo adds another reality show to its roster. In the modern version of The Simple Life, Luan de Lesseps and Sonya Morgan travel to Benton, Illinois after being invited by the City Council to help revitalize a town of 7,000 people.

Watch It Out Loud: The History of Black Television Airs on CNN from 9pm. Executive produced by LeBron James and Maverick Carter, this documentary series explores 80 years of black television with shows like Amos and Andy, The Jeffersons and Roots. The series will also feature interviews with Gabrielle Union, Shelley Shepherd, Jimmy Walker and more.

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