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16-Pin Power Connector Gets A Much-Needed Revision, Meet The New 12V-2×6 Connector

Owners of graphics cards with a 16-pin (12VHPWR) power connector need fear no more. According to a new report from a German publication, Igor’s laboratory, PCI-SIG is revising the specification to save the 12VHPWR) power connector. With multiple user reports of melted 16-pin connectors on Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090, one of the best graphics cards for gamers, it’s time for PCI-SIG to take action on the issue. .

Innovation is great because it encourages companies to release novel products. However, too much innovation is also bad. When news broke that Nvidia would feature 16-pin power connectors on some of its consumer GeForce RTX 40 series (Ada Lovelace) graphics cards, feedback was mixed. Some are happy to finally get rid of cable clutter and instead of three 8-pin PCIe power cables, he can now use a single 16-pin power cable. However, some have expressed concerns about NVIDIA’s decision. 12VHPWR is a new connector and there is always some trepidation for early adopters. In addition, many users were concerned about the amount of power flowing through that tiny 16-pin power connector.

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