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10 Last-Minute Cosplay Costume Ideas for Halloween

When it comes to cosplay, tons The options are endless when it comes to creating your own options. Not all of us have the skills (or perhaps the time) to make our own, so I chose a few pre-made fandom costumes to make things easier.

From Star Wars to My Hero Academia to Halo to Jurassic Park, there’s something for everyone. These are just a few of our favorite costumes that you can buy for last-minute Halloween ideas or reuse for your next cosplay event.

top gun jumpsuit costume

Men’s Adult Astronaut Spaceman Costume Coverall Pilot Air Force Flight Jumpsuit

Product includes adult flying astronaut jumpsuit with removable belt.

Soar high in this Top Gun Jumpsuit When Comfortable stay. With Top Gun sequels soaring on our minds, there’s no better time to be your own Tom Cruise this year. Face it; you’re breaking protocol if you don’t buy this for yourself It will be. Add a few shades to the mix and it’s all ready to jet.

Wanda Scarlet Witch Costume

Jazwares Women's Scarlet Witch Hero Costume

Jazwares Women’s Scarlet Witch Hero costume

A 4-piece set consisting of a top, pants, cape, and headdress. Officially licensed Marvel costume.

Wanda “What do you want to be for Halloween?” Spend the day being the infamous Scarlet Witch, daring in the most magical Marvel costume. This costume allows Wanda to fulfill his character’s appearance in the comics and unleash his unique Red Chaos magic. Be proud of Wanda.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey Costume Adult

Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey Costume Adult

This officially licensed Rey costume lets fans in a galaxy far, far away take on the role of one of the most iconic characters in modern-day Star Wars. Includes detached sleeves, cuffs and pouched belt. The only thing you need to provide is her quarterstaff for a complete look!

Valecos My Hero Academia Ochako Uraraka Cosplay Costume

Asui Tsuyu Costume Jacket Dress School Uniform Ochaco Uraraka Cosplay Skirt Suit

Asui Tsuyu Costume Jacket Dress School Uniform Uraraka Ochaco Cosplay Skirt suit

My Hero Academia A set of belts, coats, shirts, skirts, stockings and ties necessary for cosplay of Ochako Uraraka. It’s made from cotton and fabric, and honestly, it’s also good for daily wear when you’re not tired of coordinating it and just want to wear it around town.

MicCostumes Izuku Midoriya (Deku) Cosplay Costume

Miccostumes Men's Anime Hero Cosplay Costume Fighting Suit

Miccostumes Men’s Anime Hero Cosplay Costume Fighting suit

A set of jackets, pants, belts with waist pads, gloves, masks, and knee pads to become Midoriya Izuku from My Hero Academia. For maximum reliability, you should bring your own wig and shoes. Beyond these details, it covers everything you need to make your My Hero Academia dream come true in the real world.

Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, Velociraptor

original inflatable dinosaur costume, Velociraptor

For those looking for a dinosaur cosplay, the official Jurassic World Velociraptor costume is the perfect choice. It has a zipper closure and a plastic window so you can see where it’s sneaking up.

Captain Marvel Halloween Costume For Women

This Captain Marvel Adult Costume is perfect for anyone looking to cosplay Carol Danvers, better known as Captain Marvel as portrayed in the 2019 film by Brie Larson.This costume is from Marvel Studios Officially licensed by , it includes an instantly recognizable Captain Marvel jumpsuit with a belt printed at the waistline.

Disguise Men’s Halo Master Chief Ultra Prestige Costume

Men's Halo Master Chief Ultra Prestige Costume

This officially licensed Master Chief outfit will make your future Spartan feel like John 117, Master Chief himself. It has his suit fully printed under and comes with over 20 pieces of his armor sculpted to game accuracy and includes his helmet that lights up.

jedi costume tunic hooded robe outfit

jedi costume adult outfit

Become a Jedi Knight in this adult tunic hooded robe. All you need to complete yourself is adding a lightsaber to your look. This superior Jedi his robe is made from a blend of linen, cotton and polyester and includes a tunic, tabard, belt, pants and robe. High quality and durable for everyday use, so you can wear it until conditioning without worrying about it fraying. May the Force be with you now.

classic scream costume

adult scream costume

fan world

adult scream costume

Costume from the movie “Scream”. This set includes a full robe with a hood, a belt and a “scream mask”.

Let’s play the game….you can’t go wrong with the Scream costume that has become a staple year after year. If you’re up a notch, the only items you still want to acquire are prop knives and/or gloves!

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