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3 Months Xbox Game Pass for $40 for Prime Day

Inflation will come to all of us eventually, but Xbox gamers are no stranger. With Starfield’s release date of September 6th, Microsoft recently increased the price of Game Pass Ultimate to $16.99 per month. Thankfully, Amazon is leaning in the opposite direction during its 2023 Prime Day sale. Get 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate now for $39.99. That’s $11 less than buying directly from Microsoft. It’s not technically a Prime Day sale, so it’s open to everyone.

Game Pass Ultimate Deal

Yes, Starfield will be on Game Pass Ultimate at launch. Forza Motorsport is also his big first-party game coming out in October. And the service already has over 100 games to download and play to your heart’s content. Even at full price, Game Pass Ultimate is pretty much the best deal out of all games. You can purchase this item at a lower price.

Prime Day Sale Now Available

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