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30 Years Later, Street Fighter 6 Finally Gives Sheng Long the Canon Appearance He Deserves

His life began as a mistake that led to one of the biggest pranks in all of video games. Thirty years later, he finally appears in a video game.

Sheng Long was once a mythical Street Fighter secret boss, mentioned in Ryu’s victory words in the original Street Fighter 2. “You have to beat Sheng Long to have a chance.” Fans have speculated aloud about the identity of the enigmatic Sheng Long, who he was? Where was he in the game? Is it Ken’s master? Could there be some way to unlock it?

In the pre-internet era, Shenron was a hot topic of discussion on playgrounds around the world. Little did the players know, the name was simply the result of a mistranslation of “Shoryuken”, Street Fighter’s famous dragon punch.

Using this speculation, a 1992 April Fool’s Day prank by US gaming magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly led people to believe Shen Loong was an unlockable boss character in Street Fighter 2. Fan efforts to fight were in vain, sparking even more heated debates on playgrounds around the world. Shenlong. Now, 30 years later, fans can finally play Street Fighter 6.

Spoilers for Street Fighter 6 are below.

In Street Fighter 6’s single-player campaign mode, World Tour, Shen Long can be found on the roof of the SiRN building in Metro City at night as part of the Fighting Mighty Side quest. Reaching level 90 Beast is a bit of a daunting journey. Head to Bayside Park Street and enter the SiRN building via the construction site. Use the control panel to summon the mobile platform and climb the stairs and ladders to the top. If possible, ignore aggressive NPCs and dash.

You end up in a SiRN server room full of annoying robot enemies. Dash past them as you make your way to his ground floor in R&D. Ride the elevator to the 7th floor, run down to the 6th floor, and then climb the stairs to the roof. From there climb up to the crane platform and Sheng Long location.This video is from YouTube Channel Lil Farmboy Show you how.

Sheng Long uses Ryu’s fighting style (of course he does). It seems Kind of like Heihachi from Tekken in the PS2 era. This is a design inspired by a prank using unofficial art from EGM. If you speak to him, he will say: All who bear my testimony will suffer great misfortune. Knowing that, do you still want to fight me? Is this courage born of ignorance? Or are you a beast who sacrifices hunger demands? it doesn’t matter. come. Face me with every fiber of your being. “

Profile of Sheng Long in Capcom’s Street Fighter 5 Character Encyclopedia.

Sheng Long turned out to be something of a fireball spammer (all his fault!). If you can time your jump-in well, you should be able to hit a certain amount of attacks. The problem, of course, is that Sheng Long is his NPC at level 90, making him one of the hardest encounters in the game for the majority of players who have leveled off significantly by the time they hunt him down. . Don’t forget your consumables!

After defeating Shenron, he says: It’s been a long time since he’s felt this way. So I think it was a coincidence that he was shown himself again. I give you my thanks, strong one. “

that’s all. Sheng Long is finally officially in the Street Fighter game. Perhaps he will become a playable character once Street Fighter 7 comes out.

Street Fighter 6 launched in early June to positive reviews from critics, including IGN’s review. Capcom announced that one million people played the game during its launch weekend.

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