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48 Hours of Diablo 4 Play Down the Drain as Disconnect Kills Season 1 Hardcore Rogue Seven Levels From 100

Diablo 4 players have seen more than 40 hours of game time wasted as Season 1’s new hardcore character dies after disconnecting.

Diablo 4 YouTuber and streamer Wudijo, widely considered one of the best Diablo players in the world, witnessed a level 93 hardcore rogue die of a mutilation seconds after completing the Nightmare Dungeon event, seven levels away from reaching the level cap of 100.Entire event captured Twitch live stream.

Hardcore mode adds permanent death to Diablo 4. This means that when you die, your character is lost forever.

The first two months of Diablo 4 are punctuated by the death of a hardcore character after a disconnect, fueling complaints about Blizzard’s controversial decision to keep the action role-playing game online all the time.

But the fatality is a little different in that Udijo suffered some kind of brief power outage that triggered the amputation, a situation beyond Blizzard’s control. But that didn’t stop Wudijo’s chat from criticizing the game’s always-online nature.

“It’s over. No appeals,” a clearly depressed Udijo said on stream. In the Hall of Fallen Heroes screen, which informs players how hardcore characters died, it was revealed that Udiho’s Rogue was killed by Revenant.

“It’s over. No appeal.

Wudijo, like many other Diablo 4 players, was in a race to reach level 100 with a new Season 1 Hardcore character (you must start a new character to participate in Season 1 content). This race ended on July 22 when he reached level 100 with two players. ice vein reported. Wudijo, a level 93 rogue, died after 48 hours of playtime, just 53 hours after the start of Season 1.

What can be done to prevent such an untimely death? Last week, Diablo 4 producer Joe Piepiora suggested the Scroll of Escape item as a solution. The Scroll of Escape is an existing item in the core game used to teleport players to safe locations, but Blizzard hopes to expand its use in future seasons.

“In Season 3, Escape Scrolls are going to work so that if you get into a dangerous situation, you can still escape the dungeon space, even after the player is disconnected, because if you have an Escape Scroll in your inventory, you can basically use it immediately,” Pipiola said.

“We see players running into situations like this, and we’re working to address connectivity issues as soon as we find them and provide a better experience for those players.

Last week, Blizzard addressed backlash over Diablo 4’s controversial nerf patch, promising a new patch that would undo many of the changes made.

In spite of various problems, Diablo 4 is a big hit Over 10 million people played in June. Diablo 4 was Blizzard’s fastest-selling game of all time, driving the company’s record revenue and profits.Check here if you’re still playing Interactive Diablo 4 Map Click to start tracking your progress as you play.

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