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Aloft, a ‘Co-op Floating Island Survival Sandbox Game,’ Announced for PC

“Cooperative Floating Island Survival Sandbox Game” Aloft announced for PC. A demo is now available on Steam.

Publisher Astrolabe Interactive describes Aloft as follows: Equip their enclaves with sails to travel the winds so they can discover new territories and gather resources, technology, and equipment upgrades. Nature needs to be cleansed, freed and healed of dangerous fungi that corrupt wildlife.Protect ecosystems from harm. As players travel through the air, they will uncover the secrets of a lost civilization and find their origins by ascending to the highest altitudes in this mysterious new realm. ” Check out the official announcement trailer above and screenshots of the latest build below.

Aloft also includes an island editor and co-op play for up to eight players.Based on the trailer, there’s a promising amount of unique hooks to balance familiar elements. Check out the demo or put it on your wishlist vapor In case you’re interested.

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