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Baldur’s Gate 3 Standard Playthrough Takes 75 to 100 Hours, Larian Says

Wondering if you can play through Baldur’s Gate 3 before Starfield launches? According to developer Larian, one run takes an average of 75 to 100 hours.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a vast open-ended role-playing game from the makers of the Divinity: Original Sin series. Larian has pushed the PC release date forward by a month, from August 31st to August 3rd, to avoid conflicts with Bethesda’s upcoming behemoth Starfield, which is scheduled for early September. Announced. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 5 version has been slightly delayed to his September 6th, and the Xbox Series X and S versions don’t have a release window (read more about Baldur’s Gate 3’s Xbox holdout here).

Larian boss Swen Winke told IGN that the developers expect a standard playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3 to take between 75 and 100 hours. However, a player who wants to “get it all done” should expect twice that number for him.

“Between 75 and 100 hours, that’s what we’re looking at,” Winke said. “This doesn’t mean it’s all done, it’s just a playthrough. Some people go way beyond that, they want to do whatever they want. I’d say maybe 200 hours. On average, people go to therapy. takes about 75 to 100 hours.”

“There are people who go well beyond that, who want to do whatever they want. They’ll probably hit 200 hours.”

However, Vincke noted that Larian expects a different playstyle to emerge when Baldur’s Gate 3 releases. For example, a person who plays a game in multiplayer has regular sessions with friends, so it may take him a year or more to complete the game.

“There are many ways to play, isn’t there?” said Winke. “We saw it, [Divinity: Original Sin 2] It’s no different here. For those who play multiplayer, it takes a year, a year and a half. They plan to have regular sessions at venues like D&D. ”

Baldur’s Gate 3, like the original Baldur’s Gate, is divided into discreet pieces with large transitions that move the player from chapter to chapter. These transition points provide a natural stop/start moment for players who want to take a break from Baldur’s Gate 3 and enjoy another game.

“There will be moments when you can say, ‘You know what?’ I’m going to stop here and try something else,’ and pick it up again. It’s big enough,” Winke said.

Winke suggested that even after a playthrough is complete, players may feel compelled to reroll due to the nature of Baldur’s Gate 3 itself.

“Because there are so many ways to do it, a huge amount of replays is possible,” says Winke. “I think people will reroll over and over. We have so many classes, subclasses, races, subraces. This is not a small game that you can finish in a month. Split it up and play. Maybe you’ll join a friend in multiplayer, or even drop-in/drop-out multiplayer.

“We watched together [Divinity: Original Sin 2] Also, people played it for years. Quite a few people still play DOS2 and are discovering new things in it. It’s pretty big, and the depth of the layers is also greatly increased.

“My point is, I don’t think you can finish it in a month.”

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