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Beware the Diablo 4 Treasure Goblin, Which Cannot Attack but Is Killing Hardcore Characters Anyway

Treasure Goblins are not meant to instill fear in the minds of Diablo 4 players. After all, it’s an enemy you can’t attack that just spits out loot. Still, players throughout Sanctuary have a new sense of terror after this unassuming demon kills a number of high-level hardcore his characters.

Let’s start with Diablo 4 player Killthuzad. veins of ice reported that this hardcore character was unexpectedly killed by a treasure goblin while running the Tier 37 Nightmare dungeon. Stunned and silent, Kirszad has no choice but to return to the character creation screen. They eventually get up from their gaming chairs and put their heads on their hands.

what happened here? Killthuzad had the Death Pulse affix enabled. This means “when you kill a monster, it will release a deadly lightning pulse after a short delay”.please look clip If you look closely, you’ll see a dead Treasure Goblin shoot out a Death Pulse, killing your character in one hit.

Remember, in Diablo 4, when a hardcore character dies, he or she is lost forever. IGN has reported multiple cases of high-level hardcore characters dying from disconnection or even during loading screens. Now Treasure Goblins are taking part in the activity.

Kirszad is not alone. Some players believe that the Treasure Goblin Death Pulse does much more damage than it should, and suspect there is a bug. Diablo 4 player “Faradox” challenged blizzard forum I reported my character’s death as a bug and complained about the loss of a hardcore level 60 druid while in a tier 9 Nightmare dungeon with the death pulse affix enabled.

“I had enough damage mitigation and armor to tank anything, all previous explosions from Deathpulse Afix did little harm,” Faradox said. “I saw a goblin in the last room of this section, but there were no other monsters nearby (one monster left for the mission, no other marks on the minimap). I fought the goblins and took no damage, so my health and buffs were full.As soon as he died, so did my druid.”

Faradox said Diablo 4’s House of Fallen Heroes, which chronicles the lost hardcore characters, states they were killed by an “unknown killer.”

Another player called Chillout said he lost his level 76 Necromancer because the Treasure Goblin died while running the Tier 26 Nightmare dungeon. “I’m a casual player, so it’s really bad that he loses 86 hours because of bugs like this,” they said.

“All I did was kill a goblin. It says I committed suicide. So… I have a few questions for Blizzard.”

MythiZena recorded shocking moment They lost a level 97 Druid to Treasure Goblin’s Death Pulse. “I can’t believe how much damage it did,” MythiZena said in the video. “Is that a bug? Is that a bug? I’m so confused right now. It’s just Death Pulse. All I did was kill the goblin. He said he killed himself. So… I have a few questions for Blizzard.”

There are multiple reports online from players who have suffered the same fate. Since the release of Diablo 4, Blizzard has issued numerous patches. Perhaps the next hotfix will calm down the Treasure Goblins a bit.

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