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BioWare Announces and Immediately Pulls Super Bizarre Mass Effect Statue

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the opening of the Mass Effect franchise, specifically Mass Effect 2.

BioWare’s merchandise division is causing chaos again after releasing an incredibly bizarre spoiler-laden Mass Effect 2 statue depicting Shepard floating dead in space.

according to reports KotakuThe Mass Effect Shepard Death Statue was unveiled by BioWare and was removed almost immediately due to fan reaction.

The statue was marketed as a “conversation starter” depicting “Commander Shepard, banished from the crumbling Normandy, sprinting through space to an untimely death”.

BioWare’s new Mass Effect statue was described as a conversation starter (Image credit: BioWare)

The statue caused a fan backlash, or at least massive turmoil, as a result of which BioWare announced that it was suspending sales of the statue until it “shared bigger plans.”

“Earlier today, we announced the sale of our newest Mass Effect Shepard Statue,” said BioWare. “This statue was meant to be part of a series that commemorates the most important and most emotional moments of the series.

“The way we announced it didn’t adequately communicate that, nor did it give this moment in the series the recognition it deserves.”

Bioware's "Mass Effect Shepard Death Statue" (Image credit; BioWare)
BioWare’s “Mass Effect Shepard’s Death Statue” (Image credit; BioWare)

This isn’t the first time the BioWare Gear Store has been hit with cheating, with a Mass Effect 5 poster unveiled last year promising Shepard’s return. This was quickly removed, with BioWare project director Michael Gamble saying the merchandise department simply made a mistake, but fans remained skeptical.

BioWare has said very little about the new Mass Effect game since its announcement in December 2020, but we do know that several team members behind the original trilogy are working on a new one.

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