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Blizzard Pulls Diablo 4’s 6 Uber Unique Items After Apparently Making Them Too Easy to Get

Blizzard has temporarily disabled six ultra-rare unique items from Diablo 4 from the game to address new issues with Helltide Chest drops.

On sale July 6th Update 1.0.4 Added unique items to the Helltide Chest loot pool. The Helltide Mystery Chest is a special chest that can be obtained by participating in Helltide events. (For more information on Mystery Chest locations, see here. interactive map. You can filter the Mystery Chest locations at the bottom to remove clutter. )

This change was welcomed by players looking for the rarest of Diablo 4’s loot, including the six ultra-rare Uniques currently in the game. Fans complained about the extremely low odds of getting it, with some likening the drop rate to winning the lottery or being struck by lightning. As such, the chance that he could get one of the super-rare uniques, even in small quantities, from the Helltide Chest gave the player a clear and unique farming goal.

However, Blizzard has suddenly disabled Super Rare Uniques from dropping in-game to address an unnamed issue with Helltide Chest drops. “Players will not be able to obtain the six super-unique items until the hotfix, which is scheduled to go live on Friday afternoon PT.” blizzard said. “Other unique items can still be obtained from these chests.”

Blizzard has yet to explain the decision, but current speculation among fans is that the developers realized the six ultra-rare uniques were dropping too often and were quick to remove them from the game. It is said that it may have moved to Especially for Harlequin Crest, aka Mantis Shrimp, the drop rate seems to have improved significantly.

“Yeah, I couldn’t believe my eyes that I really got it.” redditor HistoricalDuty3834 said, who posted a picture of the Harlequin crest on the character sheet. “With about 10 seconds remaining, he opened her Heltide chest and scrambled to take a picture for his friends he was playing with.”

Some Diablo 4 players reacted negatively to the move, accusing Blizzard of ruining the fun. “Today the fun police are patrolling.” redditor said load smoke. “…So they really want only five of them to exist in the whole world?” asked fkitbaylife.

Some players are currently requesting Blizzard to roll back Shako obtained from Helltide Chests to prevent an imbalance in the player vs. player portion of Diablo 4. Additional fixes will be rolling out to Diablo 4 soon, so it won’t be long. Epic Rare Uniques are once again available from Helltide Chests, although their drop rates have been adjusted.

Diablo 4 launched with a bang, Blizzard’s fastest-selling game of all time.that too A big hit with critics, and generally well received by fans. but, Diablo 4’s cost of microtransactions raises eyebrowsand surprisingly, Whoopi Goldberg Calls Blizzard To Release Diablo 4 On Mac. Last night, Blizzard announced that Diablo 4 Season 1, “Season of Malignant,” will begin on his July 20th.

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