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Blizzard Reveals Most Popular Diablo IV Beta Weekend Classes

Blizzard revealed Diablo IV The beta, which took place over the past two weekends, was the biggest in the history of the franchise. Thanks to Diablo’s official Twitter account, we now have information on how many times players have died, which classes were played the most, and more.

Popular classes in both betas were Sorcerer and Necromancer. The Sorcerer was available during the early and open betas, while the Necromancer was only playable during the open beta.

In his review of the ongoing Diablo 4 Beta, he wrote that all three character classes initially available in the beta were “pretty good” and said of the Sorcerer: It’s based on fire, electricity, and ice attacks, but I’ve found that it’s better to control large groups of enemies than to inflict massive damage on one enemy (each detonation brings his Chain his Lightning his attack to attack 6 enemies, etc.). Dealing elemental damage, freezing enemies in your truck, or setting them on fire is great. There are even various death effects. “

It also called the Necromancer “one of our favorites.” “The fantasy of raising a civilian militia and having withering and death on your evil side is wonderfully realized, and once you get on the dastardly train, all you want to play is Necromancer,” said reviewer Travis Northup. writing.

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In the six days Diablo IV was available, players put in over 61 million hours of gameplay. This equates to just over 7,000 years of his life, and over 2 million players have won the Beta Wolf Pack.

Over 29 billion monsters have been defeated by players in all their time spent in the game. However, 46 million deaths have also been recorded, with Ashaba responsible for his 10 million deaths and Butcher responsible for his over 1 million player deaths.

Both of these monsters were the main reason many people died, but players were able to defeat Ashaba over 100,000 times and Butcher over 500,000 times.

For more on Diablo IV, check out our story on how to do it. One streamer basically single-handedly defeated Ashaba.

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