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Blizzard Sells an Overwatch 2 Charm Cheaper in Real Life Than In-Game

Overwatch 2’s monetization has become a contentious issue as the game’s transition to free-to-play has made cosmetic items that were once free in the original game’s loot boxes significantly more expensive. It’s also available on Blizzard’s online store, where Overwatch 2 turns out to be priced higher than it actually is.

As VG24/7 and user reddit As pointed out, Overwatch 2 has a cosmetic weapon charm featuring Pachimari, the universe’s mascot character, worth 700 coins, roughly US$7 in the game’s currency. On the other hand, a real keychain with the same design is $5 for him. blizzard gear store.

In particular, the 700 coins required to buy the Pachimari Charm in Overwatch 2 are hard to come by without paying for one of the pre-set currency bundles, and the cheapest way to get 700 coins is The thing is a $10 transaction that gives you 1000 coins. .

Overwatch 2 does not have the option to pay a specific number of coins at this time. So if you haven’t earned 700 coins yet through challenges (you can only earn 60 coins per week) so even if you complete all these challenges after the October 4th release, you still won’t get that many coins. I don’t have one), you have to pay extra to get the charm.

With Overwatch 2’s transition to basic play, the free unlockable loot boxes in standard play have been eliminated, and duplicate cosmetics have been replaced with skins, emotes, and other unlockable content.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

With this change, the game is under scrutiny for its monetization practices. Items that were previously available for free are now either significantly more expensive or require significant effort to unlock and are available for a limited time during weekly shop rotations and events like ongoing because it is only available. halloween terrorist event.

Despite criticism over its monetization, Serious Problems Caused by DDoS Attacks When a particular characterOverwatch 2 gained a fairly high player base in its first month. Daily player peak surpassing original game release.

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