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Call of Duty 2024 Leak Appears to Confirm New Main Character and Gulf War Setting

Details about the 2024 installment of Call of Duty have apparently leaked from an actor who claims his likeness is being used as the game’s protagonist.

It was first discovered that insider gameActor and singer Luke Charles Stafford has reportedly posted on Facebook that Activision is using his likeness for the protagonist named “Ratcliffe” in next year’s Call of Duty game. It is

“Activision has decided to adopt the next main character ‘Ratcliffe’ from my face/portrait into ‘Call of Duty’ and I am overjoyed,” Stafford said in the post. reportedly said. This post has been screencapped but is no longer on the Facebook page.

“To all my roommates back then at Anderson College and playing Black Ops 2 at Smith Hall…next year we can beat each other up again but I want to play as me .”

Insider Gaming reported that Stafford shared several images and videos of himself using the body scanning device on set and greeted what appeared to be members of the Call of Duty team.

The protagonist’s name suggests that the Call of Duty 2024 game will be set during the Gulf War, and is speculated to be a sequel to Black Ops: Cold War, titled Black Ops: Gulf War. It has been. Major Peter Ratcliffe, is also a former British Army soldier who participated in the Gulf War. He received a Distinguished Service Medal for his bravery.

Stafford’s reported post is the latest in a series of leaks for Call of Duty 2024, which is expected to be the sequel to Black Ops Cold War.

The Call of Duty 2023 game has likewise not been officially announced yet, but is rumored to be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. It is said to be developed by Sledgehammer Games and released on November 10th.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 continue to progress, with the latest collaboration featuring characters from The Boys.

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