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Callisto Protocol Releasing Day One Patch to Address PC Stuttering Issues

Just hours after Striking Distance Studios released The Callisto Protocol, players who purchased the game on PC were already noticing poor game performance and many users experiencing stuttering. The team behind the game is currently working to fix these issues in a day one patch.

Today, The Callisto Protocol’s Twitter account announced that the day one patch for the PC version of the game will be rolling out in the next few hours. The team also revealed that there will be some additional updates along the way, but did not specify what these updates will include.

After the game’s release, fans left negative reviews on Steam regarding these technical issues. Currently, of his 5,288 reviews for the game, only 34% are positive. Issues include choppy performance, stuttering, and poor optimization.

While these issues don’t affect all players, many players have also reported significant framerate drops, especially noticeable when turning corners or entering new areas. Some players with high-end graphics cards still report poor performance.

Despite the game’s notable performance issues on PC, IGN gave The Callisto Protocol a 7 in its review of the game for PlayStation 5, comparing it to the original Dead Space series and calling it “satisfyingly terrifying, but inspirational.” “It wasn’t as great as the series that gave us.” that. “

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