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Deal Alert: The AtGames Legends Ultimate Home Arcade Cabinet Just Dropped to $349

today sams club AtGames Legends Ultimate Home Arcade is a great price at just $349. This is the cheapest price we have ever seen. Even with its original suggested retail price of $599, the AtGames Legends Ultimate cabinet represents outstanding value. Despite being priced comparable to the popular Arcade1Up cabinet, this is a great upgrade. Especially at this price point, given two options, it’s a no-brainer.

This cabinet is only available at Walmart owned Sam’s Club at this price. You don’t have to be a Sam’s Club member to purchase, but there is a 10% surcharge. This is more expensive than purchasing a one-year membership. Only $25 so far, so you might get it too. Another benefit of membership is free shipping Otherwise, shipping costs about $20.

AtGames Legend Ultimate Home Arcade

The AtGames Legends Ultimate is a full size cabinet (no ‘risers’ needed) that is much more robust than the regular Arcade1Up cabinet. It features a generously sized high-definition 24-inch LCD monitor and his two-player setup (each player is assigned a joystick, six action buttons, and a spinner). It also has a Centipede-like trackball for precise gameplay. 300 licensed arcade and console games pre-installed. This includes classics like Missile Command, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Burger Time, Fix It Felix, and more. If you have the technical know-how You can also add your own games using a USB flash drive.

If you want a real impression, check out our IGN review.

AtGames Legends pinball is also on sale

AtGames Legend Pinball Machine

AtGames pinball machines are also for sale. This is actually the first time we’ve seen a significant price reduction. This is a massive, full-size digital pinball machine with authentic precision plungers, flippers, nudges, and tactile feedback. The 32″ HD LCD playfield can output 1080p at 60 fps, while the 15.6″ LCD back glass acts as a marquise, displays top scores and more. It comes preloaded with 22 games including Gottlieb’s Black Hole, Haunted House, Rescue 911 and Victory.

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