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Development Team on Blizzard’s Untitled Survival Game Has Doubled in 2022

Blizzard’s untitled survival game is still in development behind the scenes, and the development team has apparently doubled in size over the past year.

in a blog post Looking back on last year, Blizzard Head Mike Ybarra said, “We’ve doubled the size of our team this year and hope to grow even more in the new year!”

He also reiterated that it’s actually a new IP (the company’s first since Overwatch in 2016). And he noted that its development team is led by former Far Cry director Dan Hay, who left Ubisoft in late 2021 after spending more than a decade at the company.

We first learned about Blizzard’s untitled survival game earlier this year through an official blog post announcing job openings. From that post, we can see that it’s planned for PC and “consoles” and will include: A vast realm of possibilities waiting to be explored. We also saw two artworks of him listed next to the opening showing a crossover of modern and fantasy settings, and a hunter in hat and armor.But these images and the game itself It is unclear what the specific relationship will be.

At the time, Ibarra stated that he had already played “many hours” with the team, which indicated that the team was in some sort of playable state at the time and had progressed further since then.

Elsewhere in today’s blog post, Ybarra explained the company’s ongoing efforts to improve its culture after a series of revelations last year that revealed ongoing discrimination, harassment and toxicities within the company. He noted that Blizzard’s female and non-binary percentage increased from 22% to 25% last year, while the percentage of employees from underrepresented ethnic groups increased from 34% to 36% over the same period. said.

Also, somewhat notably, alongside the blog posts, Blizzard is also published. A year-long content roadmap for its latest World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight. While many other live service games have published similar roadmaps all the time, this is the first time Blizzard has announced a year-long plan for the patch as an official announcement.This post has a total of 6 during 2023. One content his patch is scheduled. Two major patches with new zones and raids, and four other patches with smaller updates like world events, dungeons, story chapters, and system updates.

Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. you can find her on her twitter @duck valentine.

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