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Diablo 4 Announces Final Beta Test, Confirms It Will Include Gameplay Updates

rear Last week’s blog post After announcing a series of updates and tweaks for Diablo 4 following back-to-back weekends of open beta, today Blizzard is announcing its third and final beta weekend with all of these changes already in place. bottom.

talk about them today’s live team, Diablo 4 developers say a “server slam” will take place over the weekend of May 12, aimed at testing the team’s servers before hoping for a stable launch date for the action-RPG. It will end at 12:00 PM PST on Friday and 12:00 PM PST on Sunday. Unfortunately, players who attended the first two Beta His Weekends will find that their characters have been removed, as promised. Also, any progress made in this final test will not carry over to the final game.

Players will max out at level 20 instead of level 25 in this final beta weekend. This is a full game to everyone who beats her during her slam on the server.

But the level cap and new rewards aren’t the only store changes. This is because there are already a number of updates to this initial look, including character class balancing and a streamlined dungeon layout.

Among the character class changes, the most notable was Necromancer, which nerfed undead minions (now die more easily) and corpse explosions (does less damage). Other classes, like the Barbarian, have received buffs to be more in line with their demon-slaying companions, and for Barbarian this has various tweaks, such as reducing the damage he takes from all sources by 10%. It is done.

The dungeon rework includes objectives that are easier to complete without the time-wasting monotonous backtracking and the presence of special events that can occur randomly during dungeon exploration.

Server Slam is open to all players on all platforms and includes 2-player couch co-op on consoles. If you haven’t started your holy war against the Daughter of Hate yet, you’ll have another chance in a few weeks.

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