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Diablo 4 Battle Pass Will Take Around 80 Hours to Complete

Diablo 4, like its predecessor, has a seasonal model, and it looks like there’s a lot of content for players to work on.

in an interview with PC gamerAssociate Game Director Joe Piepiola, revealed how long fans can expect to complete each season’s Battle Pass.

“Right now, with the Battle Pass, if you’re looking to complete the Season Journey while doing other content in the game, you’re spending about 80 hours worth of time completing the entire Battle Pass. ” said Piepiora. “Getting your character to level 100 may take a little longer, depending on how you play.”

The interview also sheds light on how the battle-based system works. As you level up your character to level 100, you move along the Battle Path by completing season-specific objectives.

Like most games with live service elements, Battle Pass has one free track for all players and a premium paid track with fancy rewards. Piepiora says players who aren’t interested in his grind in Endgame’s season can skip it entirely and come back when the story update happens without being left out.

The Associate Game Director also stressed that Diablo 4 was not designed to make players feel like they “have to play forever”, stating that the game is primarily an action RPG, not an MMO. rice field.

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We got a bite-sized sample of Diablo 4’s live service elements during the game’s beta. There, it was revealed that Blizzard is doubling down on the seasonal model that helped give Diablo 3 its leg. , quality of life improvements, and most importantly, new features and questlines planned for each season.

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