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Diablo 4: Blizzard Plans to Use the Scroll of Escape to Address Hardcore Player Disconnect Deaths

It’s a tough time for hardcore players of Diablo IV. All it takes is just one improper disconnect from him and hours of progress erased by permanent death. This is a frustrating situation, partly because of Diablo IV’s focus on online connectivity, but Blizzard may have a solution.

Speaking to IGN at San Diego Comic-Con, producer Joe Pipiola suggested that Scroll of Escape could be a solution for hardcore players struggling with unexpected disconnects. The Scroll of Escape is an existing item in the core game used to teleport players to safety, but Blizzard hopes to expand its use in future seasons.

“In Season 3, Escape Scrolls now work so that even if the player loses connection, if they have an Escape Scroll in their inventory, they can basically use it immediately, thus removing themselves from the dungeon. Leave space in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation,” explains Piepiola.

“We are seeing players running into situations like this and are working to address connectivity issues as soon as we find them to provide a better experience for those players,” he continues. . “This is a really big atomic solution that we’re trying to offer online. It takes a lot of work to make it work the way we want it to. I’m in the middle of it.”

For those who don’t want to wait until Season 3, Blizzard is making a number of performance tweaks in Season 1 to improve connectivity, Piepiora said. It adds a number of new mechanics, new bosses, and other features.

resurrection return

Blizzard has spoken elsewhere about plans for other new features, such as the return of the party finder and resurrection system.

On the topic of Party Finder, Piepiora said that Diablo IV’s social tools “have a lot of room for improvement.” He noted it down to the scale and scope of Diablo IV’s gameplay, describing it as “a really sprawling game”.

“We see opportunities like this so that when players start playing with the tools we give them, they realize, ‘Oh, there’s a lot that could be improved here.’ , I think there’s definitely room for opportunity that we could pursue by adding player finder-style functionality, whether it’s joining a specific type of content or joining a queue for something. We are actively discussing that internally,” says Piepiora.

“The wheels are in motion,” Pipiola said of the resurrection system, which allows players to import existing characters for seasonal play.

We are aware of players in this situation and are working to address connectivity issues as soon as we find them to provide a better experience for those players.

“The Rebirth System has actually been discussed within the team for some time. There’s been more talk about rebirth, so I can assure you that the wheels are definitely in motion and that they will be in Diablo IV in the future.”

Currently, the Diablo team is focused on Season 1, titled Season of the Malignant, which is currently streaming. A patch was released earlier this week with some unique and other updates, but fans weren’t too happy about some of the changes. The new season will introduce some new features while rolling out the Battle Pass system.

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