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Diablo 4 Devs Discuss Server Disconnect Issues, First ‘Real Patch’ Coming Soon

Massive Diablo 4 “Campfire Chat” on Twitch and YouTubeBlizzard discussed, among other things, community concerns about server disconnects and plans for the first “real patch” scheduled before the start of the game’s first season.

It’s not uncommon for players to be disconnected from Diablo 4’s servers within a few weeks of exploring Sanctuary. It’s just a minor inconvenience for most people, but it was a serious problem for the most hardcore players of the game playing in the aptly named game. “Hardcore” mode. In this mode, when a single character dies, that character is permanently deleted. Hardcore players have reported losing their character due to disconnection from the server, resulting in the character being idle until killed.

A panel including franchise general manager Rod Ferguson and game director Joe Shelley discussed the issue and plans to fix it.

“These can be some of the frustrating situations for hardcore players, because a lot of times it’s completely out of their control,” Skely explained. “We already have a mechanic in the game that allows players to escape from boss fights with very tight controls. It’s called Escape Scrolls. With those controls in place for being a rare drop, this is where you want to add cut protection.”

“Basically the way this works is this: if you lose connection for any reason, if you have one of these scrolls of escape, even if it wasn’t there, it will fire and We’ll teleport to town,” Sherry added.

“There are already big ‘real patches’ coming up.”

Skely says the team wants to limit the mechanism so that it can’t be abused by people who like to unplug their computers every time they’re in a pinch, and that it can only be used in rare emergencies. said. .

Since Diablo 4’s launch, there have been a number of hotfixes (11 to be exact) that have been rolled out to address balance changes, improve game stability, and more, but Blizzard has already released the first “true We are preparing a patch for , which may require server downtime. maintenance.

“We already have a big ‘real patch’ coming,” Ferguson announced. “It’s been certified, it’s out there, and it’s going to address a lot of things, including performance issues.”

According to Blizzard, the patch contains 13 pages of fixes and improvements, and although Blizzard didn’t delve into it on-stream, it will provide full patch notes when it’s rolled out. No specific date for the patch has been revealed, but Blizzard has revealed that it plans to roll out the patch before Season 1 begins, which may require server downtime.

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