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Disco Elysium Writer Seemingly Files Lawsuit Against His Former Company

Issues continue surrounding Disco Elysium developer ZA/UM, and one of the former developers appears to have filed a lawsuit against the company.

According to a report from tech news spacethe official website of the Estonian court has revealed that Disco Elysium’s lead game designer Robert Kurvitz is suing ZA/UM.

Kurvitz has filed a lawsuit on behalf of his company, Telomer, according to reports. A court date is currently set for November 28, but we don’t know exactly what the hearing will look like.

Earlier this month, Disco Elysium editor Martin Luiga announced that Disco Elysium’s key developers, including Luiga, Kurvitz, writer Helen Hindpere, and art and design lead Aleksander Rostov, “reluctantly” ZA/ I said I left UM. The former developer said a core member of the team has not been in the studio since the end of 2021.

Luiga also announced the dissolution of the ZA/UM Cultural Association, which was a separate organization from the studio ZA/UM responsible for the development of Disco Elysium.

The future of Disco Elysium is uncertain, as Luiga doesn’t think ZA/UM Studio will make a sequel. After leaving the company, the former developer said, “I don’t think ZA/UM Studio in its current form will develop a sequel. I don’t know how many people who worked on the original Disco stayed with the company.” A ZA/UM spokesperson told IGN that “ZA/UM’s creative team remains focused on developing their next project,” but whether it’s related to Disco Elysium or not at all. It is unknown if it is related to something else.

Given the success of the original game, fans of Disco Elysium may be disappointed to hear about ongoing issues with the studio. Giving Disco Elysium-The Final Cut his glowing 10/10 review, stating that Final Cut elevated the original from “an already phenomenal RPG to a true must-have masterpiece.”

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