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EA Returns to MMA With UFC 5

EA announced in September that it would be returning to mixed martial arts video games with UFC 5 in a bare-bones tweet promising more information.

The tweet below reads “coming soon” and includes a logo.

EA SPORTS’ UFC game series is based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship and began in June 2014 on EA SPORTS UFC. This was the first UFC game since THQ sold its license to Electronic Arts.

EA Sports UFC 2 launched in March 2016 and EA Sports UFC 3 launched in February 2018. EA Sports UFC 4 then launched in August 2020, and the series has been silent for the past three years. IGN’s 8/10 review called UFC 4 “a largely repetitive sequel that tightens up a few loose pieces, makes a few clever tweaks here and there, and doesn’t rock too much.” .

Last month, EA underwent a major internal overhaul, splitting EA Games and EA Sports, with the former being renamed “EA Entertainment” to signal EA’s intention to expand its business beyond games as much as possible. . EA Football Coming out of his game, Cam Weber continues to lead EA Sports.

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