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Epic’s Defunct MOBA Paragon Is Back Under New Ownership

After Fortnite’s success surpassed Paragon’s, Epic shut down MOBA’s servers just two years after the game’s beta release. Thanks to free assets from games on the Unreal Marketplace and a trademark deal with Epic, Paragon returns after his four years, but under new titles and new ownership.

as pointed out by PC gamer, Paragon: The Overprime, is a rework of Paragon being developed by South Korean studio Netmarble. This free-to-play title is currently in open beta until November 21st. It will be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store in the near future, but it’s unclear when the full game will be released.

According to Paragon: Overprime’s Epic Games store pagewhen released, will function as a live service game, with new heroes added over time.

The game’s tagline reads, “You are invited to a prime where a symphony of heroes’ space opera echoes throughout the universe.”

When Paragon’s servers shut down, Epic released $12 million in Paragon assets for free on the Unreal Marketplace. Several other games have utilized its assets since its release in 2018, but this is the first time Epic has given the studio permission to adopt his Paragon branding.

Epic was the first to shut down Paragon’s servers in 2018, shortly after slowing down development to focus on Fortnite. Before its demise, we called Paragon “a stunningly beautiful and exciting piece to watch” in his 2016 preview.

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