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Everything Announced at the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase

THQ Nordic today unveiled a new digital showcase full of new trailers and some surprise announcements. Alongside the new Alone in the Dark, THQ has announced several new games across different genres such as racing, RTS and more.

Check out everything announced at the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase below.

New Alone in the Dark announced

A brand new Alone in the Dark survival horror game is in the works. Developed by Pieces Interactive, creator of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA, Alone in the Dark, his love letter to the original Alone in the Dark, tells an all-new story in this Southern Gothic horror.

Announcing Tempest Rising

A new real-time strategy game with next-gen graphics and RPG elements. Take up arms in the war between the GDF and the Tempest Dynasty. Fight through highly detailed planet-set campaigns and control your armies while making decisions that affect the outcome of the war.

wreckage announcement

A new arcade racer from the original developers of games like Burnout and Need for Speed. Wreckcreation lets you create all of your wildest dream tracks in a massive sandbox. Build tracks with your friends online, get ready to race, crash and drift to create giant creations.

Announcement of sales space

In Space for Sale, as a real estate developer, you turn a planet into a livable dream home for prospective buyers. Start your space house flipping adventure by transforming a barren planet into a crazy neighborhood.

Destroy all humans! 2 A revisited gameplay trailer.

Destroy all humans! 2 Reprobed continues to show off their full remake awesomeness with this new gameplay trailer. Check out the chaotic gameplay and remastered visuals in this new trailer.

Gothic remake trailer.

THQ continues its streak of remakes with Gothic reimaginings of the original 2000s action-RPG. Step into this medieval fantasy world with this new cinematic trailer.

Jagged Alliance 3 Gameplay Revealed

Sequel to the classic Jagged Alliance series, play as a band of mercenaries in this top-down strategy game set in an African war zone.

Outcast 2 Story and Gameplay Trailer

A sequel to the cult classic adventure game, Outcast 2 promises a vast and strange alien planet for players to explore and defend in this unexpected sequel.

Knights of Honor 2 Gameplay Trailer

Command armies across Europe in this new gameplay trailer for Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign.

Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake Gameplay Trailer

THQ unveiled a new gameplay trailer for Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake, a new 3D platformer set in the Spongebob universe.

Valiant Gameplay Revealed

An epic strategy game set in the Crusader era. Check out the new gameplay trailer for The Valiant.

hunter’s road trailer

THQ has revealed the highly detailed animals you’ll be hunting in its hunting sim, Way of the Hunter.

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