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Final Fantasy 16 is ‘About 95%’ Done and Its Release Date Should Be Revealed by the End of 2022

Final Fantasy 16 development seems to be progressing well. That’s because its creator has shared that the game is “about 95%” complete and the release date he should be revealed by the end of 2022.

talk famitsu Per IGN’s translation, Final Fantasy 16 main director Hiroshi Takai was asked about the current status of the legendary franchise’s latest installment and said the team is “about 95%” complete in development. rice field.

Takai also shared that the team is currently mainly focused on debugging and fixing high-level parts of the game that may need special attention. Especially in a big game like Final Fantasy 16, that takes time.

Speaking of bugs, Mr. Takai laughed, “Adding new code is prohibited in case new bugs arise.”

Final Fantasy 16 currently only has a summer 2023 release window, so the team was next asked about a release date.

“We plan to announce a little more information by the end of the year, so I think we can announce it at that time,” Yoshida added with a laugh.

IGN also had the chance to speak with the developers of Final Fantasy 16, and they shared a lot about the Game of Thrones comparisons, sidequests, representations, and more the game is getting.

For more, check out our breakdown of everything we know about Final Fantasy 16, what we learned from our last interview with Naoki Yoshida, and what you need to know about the latest trailer.

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