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Final Fantasy 16 Is, According to a PlayStation 5 Ad, Exclusive to PS5 for Six Months

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI has apparently been confirmed to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive for at least six months.

A new ad for the PS5 DualSense wireless controller’s features briefly featured Final Fantasy XVI and included a disclaimer at the bottom. “Final Fantasy XVI expected for summer 2023. PS5 exclusive for 6 months,” it reads.

We knew Final Fantasy XVI was a PS5-exclusive timed console, but the exact timeframe was still unknown. Ghostwire: Tokyo and Deathloop were 12-month exclusives, while Forspoken is his PS5 exclusive for 24 months.

Xbox players are left behind, but for now, Final Fantasy XVI is coming to PC, at least. The concern is when exactly that will be.When Square Enix announced the game at its PS5 showcase in September 2020, the livestream included the words “also available on PC.” However, the official trailer uploaded had removed any mention of such a version..

Final Fantasy XVI development is about 95% complete, according to Square Enix, and a specific release date should be revealed by the end of the year. Be sure to check out IGN’s exclusive interview with director Hiroshi Takai, localization director Michael Christopher Kojifox, and creative director Kazutoyo Maehiro.

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