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Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Have Been Apparently Been Rated for PS4 and Switch

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series has already launched on Steam and mobile devices, but the collection seems to be making its way to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

On Reddit, u/cefaluu share screenshot From the ESRB website highlighting a list of Final Fantasy 1 through 6 that adds Nintendo Switch and PS4 to their platform options. original description For Final Fantasy 6, which Wario64 uploaded on Twitter, it only shows Windows PC.

Since the original Reddit post, the ESRB appears to have removed both consoles from all original Final Fantasy listings. At the time IGN reviewed the ESRB website, Search for games like Final Fantasy 4 Only results for already released versions of RPG are available.

In any case, the ESRB’s clarification doesn’t mean that all hope for console versions of classic Final Fantasy titles has been completely lost. Last year, Square Enix said ports of his Pixel Remasters to more platforms could be possible depending on demand. Since then, the company has completed the phased release of all six of his games on Windows PC and mobile.

Given the timing, these lists seem more plausible. This week, December 18th, Final Fantasy celebrates his 35th anniversary.of The official hub of Square Enix The series has yet to mention any Pixel Remaster news, but there’s plenty of time between now and Final Fantasy’s birthday.

As for the rest of the series, there’s plenty of news to catch up on. Final Fantasy 16’s next installment launches a huge collector’s edition, opening up for pre-order today. An old classic from the PS1 era, Final Fantasy 7 also added another remastered spin-off to its library earlier this year when Square Enix celebrated the game’s 25th anniversary with the rest of the FF7 universe. We also saw a dedicated broadcast bash for .

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