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Forspoken Developers Explain Magical Parkour Abilities

Square Enix explained Forspoken’s eight different magical parkour abilities. This allows players to speed, scale, and soar in her Athia world.

Detail is playstation blog According to the post, the various skills aren’t all unlocked from the get-go, but developer Luminous Productions seems to be focusing more on traversal, so main character Frey might get skills pretty quickly. there is.

Flow is Parkour’s most basic ability, and Frey seems to be the first to master it.

However, although it requires stamina, the Rush ability works as a workaround here, as it allows Frey to maintain top speed without draining energy. Pressing the circle at this point will burst Frey forward even faster without consuming stamina.

Chaining traversal abilities like this is a key mechanic in Forspoken, and once mastered, can be used to move around the map at high speed regardless of terrain. Players can also perform low jumps with the Shimmy ability, double jump with Scale, and climb cliffs with Soar, for example.

When jumping from the top of these cliffs, the Float ability puts Frey into a bubble of water that acts as a glider. She also has a grapple ability, essentially called Jip, which can be used as an evasive mechanic in movement and in combat. .

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