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Get a Nintendo Switch OLED for the Lowest Price Yet

Here are the best deals we’ve seen so far on the Nintendo Switch OLED. Woot I have a hybrid console On sale for $289.99. That’s $70 less than the device’s MSRP. The only drawback is that this is a Japanese model. Functionally identical to the US model. The language is English, and the Switch is not region-locked, so you can play the game from any region without any problems. Basically, you can get his Switch console brand new for $70 less than the regular price.

$70 Off Switch OLED (Japan Model)

Nintendo Switch OLED (Japanese) model)

Functionally, the Japanese model is exactly the same as the US model.

Another difference is that instead of the standard one-year warranty offered by Nintendo on the US model, purchasing this only offers a 90-day warranty from Woot. Woot is a reliable company because it is owned by Amazon, but the warranty period is short. That said, shipping is free if you’re a Prime member (it’s right after Prime Day, so who wouldn’t?).

Choose from models with white Joy-Cons and white stands, or models with neon red and blue Joy-Cons and black stands. Both are nice, but I prefer white. If you ask me, it adds a touch of class to the entertainment stand. Also good for pairing with PS5 if you have his PS5 under the TV.

The only question is, is now the right time to buy a Nintendo Switch console? To be honest, it depends on your situation. The OLED screen is really nice and the colors are much more vibrant than the original Switch. But even with the discount, this is expensive for just a display upgrade.

It’s also possible that Nintendo could announce its next console almost any time in the future. If you’ve just bought a brand new Switch, that’s a bummer. That said, at this point in its lifecycle, the Switch has a game library that is as good as any other console in history.

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