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How to Increase Stamina Without Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Two resources in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom always feel lacking. Rupees and, perhaps more importantly, stamina. It’s a nasty green circle where you can run, climb, swim, and tame your horse. and a paraglider. To get more green stamina rings in TotK, the player must complete his four shrines and trade the Blessed Light earned for a small amount of stamina upgrades for him. If you don’t plan on completing a ton of shrines in TotK, or just want to save them for later use, there are a few other ways to boost your stamina.

Boost your stamina with elixirs and food

The easiest way to temporarily restore and boost your stamina is with elixirs and recipes. Neither of these are permanent, but they are useful for long expeditions and other challenges that require stamina, such as taming a giant horse.

To make the most of these, be sure to stock up on them before heading out on your next adventure. Elixirs and meals get better with more ingredients, but they can also give random boosts. This boost is almost guaranteed if you craft anything during or immediately after the Blood Moon.

Then simply open the menu while on the go and use the elixir or meal of your choice to restore stamina. You can replenish his stamina meter by eating meals during climbs and activities. Having to constantly open the menu to increase stamina can be a bit annoying, but it’s a good stopgap until you have the time or interest to complete more shrines.

TotK has two stamina elixirs, Energizing Elixir and Enduring Elixir.of energizing elixir The stamina bar refills, but does not expand to the yellow “Bonus Stamina” zone. Having a few of these is handy if you plan to do a lot of gliding or climbing, or if you need to tame a powerful horse.

Revitalizing Elixir Recipe:

Restless crickets are regularly found in tall grass (cut down with a sword and be prepared to catch A’s by smashing them!) or under rocks. The energetic beetles inhabit the trees around Great Sky Island and Western Necruda. For more information on both, visit our guide page.

of Enduring Elixir It’s hard to craft, but it’s good to have because it extends your stamina bar beyond what you’ve actually unlocked.

Enduring Elixir Recipe:

  • tireless frog – Found in cave streams and rivers around Hyrule, especially around the Zora River and Hyrule Fields.
  • any monster part

look How to craft all elixirs using our guide.

Eating with certain ingredients will restore your stamina, but it will also restore your heart. It’s best to save these for combat or where you’re taking damage. Otherwise, you’re wasting half of your resources. But in any case, if you’re in a place where stamina is essential, it’s worth wasting a heart regeneration.

Be careful with these ingredients must cook To activate restorative properties. If you don’t, you’ll get nothing but hearts.

Stamina Recovery Ingredients:

  • staminocabas – Found in lakes and rivers in Hyrule Fields and Western Nekruda.
  • stammer shroom – These can be found near Fort Hateno and in Zorana Highlands.
  • Stumbulb – One of the new greens in the game, Stumbulb can be found on an island beyond Hyrule Sky.

Stamina Extension Ingredients:

  • endurance room – These rare mushrooms can be found in the North Tabantha Sky Archipelago and the North Nekruda Sky Archipelago.
  • Endura Carrots – These can definitely be found under the cherry tree with the shrine and on the plateau east of Majin Bridge in Fallon.

Movement speed buff ingredients:

These do not restore stamina, but allow you to move faster, allowing you to maximize your stamina.

  • Rush Room – Can be found throughout Ozora Island.
  • Swift Carrot – Can be purchased from various merchants, but is easiest to get at the Eastwind General Store in Hateno Village.
  • Swift Violet – These can be found on cliff sides, but can also be easily purchased at Coral Reef in Zora’s realm.
  • fleet lotus seeds – Find these near Rhinebeck Island and the La Bella Marsh Skyview Tower.

If you want to learn how to use these ingredients beyond basic stir fry, mushroom skewers, and other simple combinations, Tears of the Kingdom Recipe Guide.

useful armor

There is no stamina-enhancing armor that we know of, but you can use armor for permanent speed buffs or reduce stamina usage in selected activities.

  • climbing gear set – Climber’s set improves ascent speed, but even better, upgrading the set to level 2 reduces the stamina cost of ascent jumps.
  • zora set – Improve your swimming speed!
  • Armor of the Fierce God – You need to farm to upgrade, which gives you a stamina bonus for charge attacks.
  • Dark Armor – Increased movement speed at night.
  • snow boots, snow boots – Increased movement speed in deep snow.
  • sand boots – Increased movement speed on sandy terrain.
  • opal earrings – Improved swimming speed.
  • Vah Ruta Divine Helm – Increased swimming speed.
  • Rabiot Hood – Increased lateral climb speed.

All of these armors can be upgraded later to make them even more effective, or at least provide more protection. Find and unlock the Great Fairy Fountain.

Introducing some easy shrines

And of course, as already mentioned, you’ll eventually want to visit as many shrines as possible to permanently boost your stamina bar. Below are his 8 simple shrines across Hyrule (mainly those with Raul’s Blessing), and expect at least 2 more stamina increases for him.

To help others find a quick shrine to do, be sure to include any simple shrines you’ve completed in the comments below.

However, Tears of the Kingdom has much more to enhance, improve, and discover. You’ll learn all about it in no time with our guides written by Zelda experts. Below are some recommended guides to check out next to help you prepare for your next adventure in Hyrule.

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