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If Not Eddie Brock, Who Is Venom in Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2?

Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 game briefly appeared at Summer Game Fest 2023, where we learned two important details about the long-awaited sequel. It’s due to hit stores in October, but the version of Venom that appears in the game isn’t Eddie Brock. Insomniac, in fact, is about to introduce a completely different version of Venom than fans have ever seen in comics, dramas, or movies.

But if Venom isn’t Eddie Brock, who will tie up with the symbiote this time? What are the chances that it doesn’t follow the same path as previous Venom stories? let’s

Harry Osborne

At this point in Insomniac’s Spider-Man series, all signs point to Peter Parker’s childhood friend Harry Osborn becoming the Venom of this world. One of the first game’s questlines finds out that Harry is terminally ill with Oshtran Syndrome, the same disease that killed his mother. Harry’s father, former mayor Norman Osborn, has devoted his wealth and resources to finding a cure. That includes attempts to harness the power of demonic breath.

Both previous games include a post-credits scene suggesting that a disgraced Norman turned to the Venom symbiote for answers to save his son. Spider-Man ends with a scene of Norman approaching Harry’s stasis tank and interacting with a black vine. A similar scene appears in Miles Morales: Spider-Man, when Harry wakes up and Norman orders a reluctant Dr. Kurt Connors to unlock Harry’s stasis tube.

Indeed, the game seems to imply that Harry will become Venom in Spider-Man 2. Perhaps the game is based on Marvel’s Ultimate His Spider-Man comic, which portrays the black costume as a runaway medical device rather than an alien symbiote. If the game is anything like those comics, Harry is driven insane by his bond with this powerful suit, and Peter and Miles are forced to team up with New York’s newest supervillain.

It’s worth pointing out that the idea of ​​Harry becoming Venom isn’t exactly new. The animated series Ultimate Spider-Man also featured Harry as Venom’s host in early seasons. If Insomniac is truly trying to distinguish this Venom from previous Venoms, Harry could be eliminated. Still, if the symbiote shoes fit…

Norman Osborn

In the world of Insomniac’s Spider-Man comes a version of Peter Parker, the longtime Spidey. In the meantime, however, he never faced perhaps his greatest enemy, the Green Goblin. By the end of the first game, it’s clear that Norman Osborn is still a respected businessman and politician who hasn’t yet succumbed to madness and become the Green Goblin.

Perhaps that’s because Norman is destined for a slightly different fate in the world of Insomniac. What if he becomes Venom himself? Perhaps Spider-Man 2 is the combination of two of Spider-Man’s greatest villains into one.

If this is the direction of the game, perhaps Norman’s son’s death will ultimately drive him insane. Perhaps the Venom Suit can’t keep Harry alive, or maybe Harry dies while Peter is bonded to the suit. At that point, Norman may vent his grief by turning it into a weapon, enraging the two Spider-Men. That’s certainly one way to establish a personal grudge between Venom and Spidey.

Peter Parker or Miles Morales

One way to completely disappoint fans in Spider-Man 2 is for Peter or Miles himself to become Venom. As it stands, we know that Peter will wear a symbiote costume for at least part of the game, bringing out his anger and aggression in the process. Traditionally, Peter is freed from the symbiote’s influence, allowing him to refuse the suit before being swallowed by the symbiote, leaving Venom with its next host instead. But what if this universe sidestepped that trend by Peter’s failure to overcome the suit’s corrupting influence?

Another possibility is that Peter vetoes the suit at a key point in the game, letting Miles choose instead. Perhaps the suit preys on Miles’ inner pain and anguish over the loss of his father and other tragedies he’s endured in the last two games. The footage released so far gives us a glimpse of Peter’s darker side. what about Miles?

The main problem with this theory is that making Peter or Miles Venom loses one of the game’s core selling points: the idea of ​​being able to control both Spider-Mans. Will players accept being limited to one or the other at some point in the story mode? It would be very interesting if different endings were possible.

Gunke Lee

Spider-Man: Miles Morales focuses heavily on the bond between Miles and his best friend/superhero assistant Ganke. Ganke will be there throughout the game, providing much-needed banter, long-distance tech support, and helpful advice. He’s a character you can’t help but love. So what better way to negatively impact players than turning Ganke into Venom?

Based on the footage we’ve seen so far, it looks like Ganke will begin by playing a similar role in the new game. But who can say that time will not change that? If Peter rejects the symbiote, perhaps the symbiote will find Miles’ best friend’s house. We’ve seen Peter struggle, and sometimes fail, to prevent his life as Spider-Man from causing harm to those he loves. Transforming Ganke into Venom is a way for Miles to recoup the true price of Spider-Man.

Mary Jane Watson

Insomniac games have made a concerted effort to veer in an entirely different direction involving Mary Jane Watson. Unlike the comics, MJ isn’t a supermodel or a damsel in distress, but a crusader reporter who often willingly throws himself into dangerous situations. But where the game stays true to the source material is that it portrays MJ as someone Peter cares about a lot, even if the superhero lifestyle drives a wedge between the two.

Spider-Man 2 can easily loop players by transforming Mary Jane into Venom. Sure, the artwork unveiled at Summer Game Fest appears to depict a male villain, but who’s to say there can’t be a woman lurking beneath all those muscles and tendons? , in the style of Gwen Stacy, would be a way to bring new tragedy to Peter and MJ’s relationship rather than simply killing her.


We know that Kraven the Hunter will be one of Spider-Man 2’s main villains, alongside Venom and the Lizard. As evidenced by the recent movie trailer, Craven has grown tired of hunting others in his private jungle hideout. He had a thirst for the real hunt, and he found it among the various costumed superheroes and metahumans of New York City.

But while Kraven is clearly a dangerous opponent, it’s fair to wonder if he really has the requisite abilities to stand up to two cohesive Spider-Men. He is a character with few superpowers himself, only a mystical potion and a true talent for hunting prey.

Fans have been wondering how the game’s Kraven story will eventually intersect with that of Venom. What if Kraven and Venom turn out to be the same person? It means that you will form a bond with At that point, he absorbs his enemy’s power into himself and becomes a real threat to Peter and Miles. Perhaps this version of Venom is the ultimate hunter.

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