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IGN UK Podcast 703: The Best of 2023 So Far

Starfield: Why 30fps Makes Sense on Consoles | IGN Performance Preview

As Starfield took center stage in the Xbox 2023 showcase last week, Bethesda gave us a deep dive into one of the biggest games of the generation. The biggest question after the show was why 30fps instead of 60fps on Xbox Series X and Series S? In this IGN performance preview, the details the team shared, the minimum and recommended PC specs revealed, a deeper dive into how Creation Engine 2 works, and how the team may have opted for 30fps compared to previous games. Evaluate some of the potential reasons why there are . It also compares improvements and in-engine enhancements compared to the previous display. Get ready to fly with the Rocket-Fueled Starfield Performance Preview. Chapters0:00 Introduction0:27 Why 30fps, more on Creation Engine 3:39 PC specs and graphics impact 4:25 Testing older games on Xbox Series X and PC, what can we learn ?9:29 What does this mean for Starfield and improvements? 12:57 Starfield physics, details and how it improved 16:18 Closing question. Why did the developer choose 30fps on the console?

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