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It’s Christmas time in the new GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE update!

Since its official release in November, GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE has captivated millions of anime, mobile, RPG, and shooter fans in Japan, South Korea, and the United States. The game has reached the top spot on Google Play and Apple App Store and currently has an impressive 4.7 out of 5 star rating with over 20,000 reviews.The theme song is in charge of the original Hiroyuki Sawano. Attack on Titan theme.

The art design and vibrant visuals are courtesy of Shift Up’s Kim Hyung Tae, illustrator and game designer for both NIKKE and Stellar Blade that all anime fans will enjoy. Combined with the latest updates, it’s the perfect opportunity to become NIKKE’s newest commander and save the world.

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What makes GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE unique is its dual strategy of being a shooter built around a collectible card game. The game is easy to play on the go with intuitive controls and different gameplay styles such as puzzle solving and co-op battles.

The mix of real-time combat and strategy makes the game accessible and also keeps the levels challenging for more tactical commanders. Collecting cards unlocks access to new and powerful weapons and characters. There are six types of weapons, from assault rifles to rocket launchers to sniper rifles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Further strategy tells you what type of character (Blast, Support, or Defend) to consider when building your team as a commander.


The contrast between the delicate anime art style and the hardcore sci-fi setting offers players a new experience. The third-person perspective, simple user interface design, and one-handed controls give the game a unique feel, making NIKKE extremely easy to pick up and play. The game gets you started easily with a good introductory tutorial, but huge enemies and epic boss battles require strategic thinking, squad coordination, and preparation.


So what’s new?

In celebration of Christmas, developer Level Infinite has released the latest update to the game called ‘Miracle Snow’. Winter is here. The Christmas season brings new characters, rewards, gameplay events, new stories, and more. The newest members to join the team are Rupee, a motorized assault rifle-wielding shopaholic who wants to forget the war with the help of a little retail therapy, available only in this limited-time event, and a polar bear who loves It’s a sniper nave. .

The story begins with a Christmas miracle. N102 is a NIKKE operative who usually has his memory reset every morning, but now for some reason he remembers everything. As he begins helping N102 create new memories, N102 decides he wants to meet his mother when she was still human. As you can imagine, this sets the stage for an exciting story with a few twists.

The Miracle Snow event starts on December 8th and runs through December 28th. Level Infinite also offers prizes as part of it. #FirstChristmaswithNikke Campaigns that encourage players to share game-related content online.

download nickel Begin your journey now as their newest commander and save the Overworld from the threat of today’s Rapture.

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