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Marvel Snap’s PVP Battle Mode Finally Goes Live Tomorrow

With Marvel Snap, the superhero-themed mobile card game from developer Second Dinner, you can finally shout “1v1 me, bro.”

The popular licensed card game, winner of Best Mobile Game at the Game Awards, finally gets one of the most requested features since its launch last October. It’s the ability to challenge your friends directly. The so-called battle mode will be available tomorrow.

Until now, players have been at the mercy of Marvel Snap’s one-of-a-kind playlists. This is a competitive matchmaking mode that pits you against random opponents in your skill bracket. in a recent blog post Second Dinner announced that Battle Mode would be a tournament-style mode, where players would play multiple games against each other until a clear winner emerged.

“Battle mode pits two opponents against each other through multiple rounds. Each player starts with 10 health,” the post said. Quantity matters. If you can reduce your opponent’s health to zero, you win!”

It’s still unclear if Battle Mode will come with friends lists, or some way of tracking people in your network and inviting others to the game.

IGN reviewed Marvel Snap a few months ago and loved it. Players are having fun too, one of them reaching max collection level with his second dinner called “World’s First”.

Travis Northup is an IGN writer who could lose to him on Marvel Snap starting tomorrow. His username is TieGuyTravis.

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