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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: J. Jonah Jameson Returns to The Daily Bugle And Other New Details From SDCC

Heading into Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 this October, a panel discussion at San Diego Comic-Con revealed new details about the game, including a (so far) exclusive trailer focused on Venom and news. introduced in detail. J.Jonah Jameson is back at The Daily Bugle.

The panel itself included a number of Insomniac’s development team members as well as several key voice actors. Following the trailer, actor Yuri Lowenthal, who plays Peter Parker, opened a panel discussion by stating that the group “stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are on strike.”

“WGA and SAG, the only reason we are here is because we have a fight contract…but that may not last forever.”

The group then delved into Spider-Man 2, starting with what all the heroes from the first game are doing at the start of the game. Taking place roughly nine to ten months after the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Miles applies to college and eventually confronts the villainous Mister Negative who killed his father.

And yes, J. Jonah Jameson is back on the Daily Bugle. Previously, Jameson was the host of the radio show Just the Facts, where he gave silly stories about both Parker and Morales as Spider-Man. Now he seems to have regained his glory (or whatever) and is now Mary Jane’s boss.

The panel then discussed some new landmarks and gameplay features. We previously heard that new areas such as Queens and Brooklyn would be included in Spider-Man 2, and today we learn that they will include Aunt May’s house and other known Marvel landmarks. And around town, new features are added, such as Web his wings that help Spider-Man gain speed and altitude as he roams around town.

The group then moved on to discussing characters, including symbiotes. Lowenthal quips that the symbiote influences Peter Parker to “say whatever you want and blame the symbiote”, but laughingly adds that it makes him a better Spider-Man. . It’s power, but little responsibility, and shows that things get complicated with Peter and his relationships as a result.

Meanwhile, according to voice actor Nadij Jeter, Miles Morales is coming into his own. “Without Pete, Miles wouldn’t be anywhere,” he says, noting that Miles still looks up to Pete over time.

Finally, we hear from Laura Bailey about Mary Jane, Jameson’s Daily Bugle reporter. My relationship with Peter became more comfortable by the start of the game, and I became more comfortable with Miles, allowing me to participate in their work.

And Venom played by Tony Todd. Todd says much of Venom’s story as a symbiote is about the darkness that resides within all of us and how it affects relationships when it wanes or thrives. has repeatedly said that Insomniac’s senior his art director, Jacinda Chu, discusses the visual contrast between Venom’s design and Spider-Man’s design, and the team’s goal to make him “look like a semi-liquid.” He’s strong, but he’s also agile, sometimes big, sometimes skinny.

“Our Venom was inspired by the comics, but with so many interpretations, it was fun picking one that fit the game,” Chu said. PlayStation Blog Post on Panels. “He has his own interpretation of the white spider icon and has human anatomy. He also has a powerful vine attack that can take many forms. Venom. It was difficult to find the right balance of liquid and solid for the materials in Venom, because if it was too watery it would look weak, and if it was too solid it could quickly turn into a tentacle monster. It has to look like a semi-liquid at the same time.”

The panel only further emphasized Venom’s clout with the reveal of the brand new Spider-Man 2 PS5 and DualSense controller, demonstrating the symbiote’s powers that threaten to overtake Spider-Man. Details for both items can be found here and pre-orders are expected to open next week.

You can also read about the new trailer shown at the panel and everything else announced at Comic-Con in our Roundup of Everything Announced.

Rebekah Valentine is IGN’s Senior Reporter. you can find her on her twitter @duck valentine.

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