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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 New Trailer Gives Closer Look at Venom

Today at San Diego Comic-Con, we unveiled a new trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that focuses on Venom’s first in-depth look, along with Harry Osborn, Mister Negative, and more.

The trailer opens with a conversation between Peter Parker and Harry Osborn, with Harry talking about being given a second chance and how Peter will “heal the world.” Peter then introduced Harry to several friends, including Mary Jane and Miles Morales. Morales wonders if he’ll have time to “tutor” (become Spider-Man) Peter with his new job as a teacher.

From there, we’ll see Kraven the Hunter chasing Spider-Man across New York and Miles confronting Mister Negative, who we know killed his father in a previous game. And the symbiote Venom and its growing negative impact on the relationship between Peter Parker and his friends and family (we heard about this in today’s panel discussion). Venom’s voice is then heard. “We’re going to heal the world,” echo Harry’s words at the beginning of the trailer. Could Harry Osborn be the Venom host in this story?

PlayStation Blog Post I’ll expand on this point a bit more, how Miles is trying to apply to college but is too focused on becoming Spider-Man to get it done, and how Peter is running out of cash to pay for Aunt May’s house. I’m talking about things like that. And, as we heard in the panel discussion, J. Jonah Jameson is back on the Daily Bugle and boasting around MJ.

Today’s panel discussion also revealed the existence of a new Spider-Man 2-themed bundle of PS5 and DualSense controllers, which will open for pre-order next week. And you can read about everything else announced at Comic-Con in our roundup of everything that was announced.

Rebekah Valentine is IGN’s Senior Reporter. you can find her on her twitter @duck valentine.

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