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Meta Officially Announces the Quest Pro VR Headset

After hinting at the new headset codenamed Project Cambria and releasing leaked images online, Meta has officially unveiled its Quest Pro virtual reality headset.Now available Reserve on Amazon.

Revealed during the Meta Connect keynote, the Quest Pro features several improvements over the Quest 2, including a new optical stack that replaces the Fresnel lens found in the Quest 2. Meta also touts Quest Pro’s new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ platform, which is optimized for virtual reality and “dissipates heat better and runs on 50% more power than the Meta Quest 2.”

As detailed in Latest blog post, the Quest Pro is claimed to have 37% more pixels per inch and 10% more pixels per degree than the Meta Quest 2. The Quest Pro’s design is slimmer and more compact than the Quest 2, with a pancake-shaped lens and a curved cell battery in the back. Meta claims to be “the slimmest, most balanced VR device”. [it has] ever made. ”

The controllers included with the Quest Pro are called Touch pro controllers, and each controller has sensors built into it that allow it to track its position in 3D space. According to Mehta, the controllers are designed to provide stable stacking across “all VR apps.”

As Meta confirmed earlier this year, the Quest Pro is designed for work, not gaming. Meta echoed this in their latest blog post, noting that Meta Quest 2 “still has a ton of content and updates planned.” We’ve also confirmed that Quest Pro is backwards compatible with Quest 2 apps and games.

Meta Quest Pro is available now. Pre-order for $1,499.99, available October 25th. it is currently Available for pre-order on Amazon.

The Quest Pro announcement is one of many announced at today’s Meta Connect keynote. Read on for a roundup of everything announced at today’s event.

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