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Metaphor: ReFantazio, the New Fantasy RPG By Persona Devs, Gets More Platforms and Info

Metaphor: ReFantazio is officially coming to PlayStation 5, PS4 and Steam, in addition to the previously announced Xbox Series X|S and Windows platforms.

Revealed during a game-focused livestream today, Atlus confirmed the upcoming PlayStation release of the RPG.

Katsura Hashino — Director of Persona 3, 4, and 5 — Metaphor: ReFantazio is Atlus’ first full-fledged fantasy RPG, due out sometime in 2024. Mr. Hashino talked a little bit about this game. interviewincluding clarifying the intention of choosing the metaphor as the title.

“When you think about the themes explored in past SMT and Persona games, the stories are always tied to how people should live their lives in modern times, and that’s what we really wanted to express here as well. It was an idea and, unashamedly, we decided to title the game Metaphor.”

The director also said Atlus hopes Metaphor will become the company’s third RPG pillar alongside Persona and Shin Megami Tensei.

The game was first revealed as part of an Xbox showcase earlier this month, sparking speculation about which platforms the game would be available on. But like Persona 3 his reload, it only took Atlus a few days to confirm the additional consoles.

Atlas has been teasing Metaphor since 2016. For many years, the project was known simply as Project ReFantasy and aimed to “return to the origins of the Japanese gaming industry with fantasy role-playing games.”

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