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Microsoft FTC Trial: Activision CEO Bobby Kotick on Call of Duty Exclusivity and Other Key Takeaways

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick testified during today’s portion of the Microsoft FTC trial. Kotik dismissed questions about Call of Duty’s exclusivity, admitted he was unimpressed with the pre-launch Nintendo Switch prototype, and revealed a release date for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. bottom. Here’s everything you need to know about Kotik’s Courtroom today.

Kotick doesn’t want to monopolize Call of Duty

The biggest focus of Kotik’s testimony and cross-examination was clearly Call of Duty, and Activision’s CEO was asked if he ever thought of dedicating Call of Duty to one platform. , answered “no”.

“We are alienating more than 100 million active players each month. Half of them play on mobile phones, while the rest play on computers and PlayStation. If you take it down, there will be an uprising,” Kotik said. one platform.

“…if you remove the game from multiple platforms, there will be uprisings.

“Gamers are very passionate, so putting that kind of investment, time, and effort into it gives us a group of enthusiastic, passionate people.”

Kotik said removing Call of Duty from the PlayStation “would be very bad for our business.”

Kotik says it doesn’t make sense to degrade Call of Duty on PlayStation

The FTC continues to argue that Activision and Microsoft may ship a PlayStation version of Call of Duty that falls short of the quality of the Xbox version. Kotick argued that Activision’s developers wouldn’t do that, and said the verbal abuse from gamers and subsequent damage to the company was justified. Kotick also said the developers take pride in their work and want to make good games. Kotick has never heard of a developer making a subpar game for one platform compared to another.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Coming This Fall

Early in his testimony, Kotik revealed that Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is coming this fall. Previously, we only knew that Warzone’s mobile version was set to release later this year. Warzone Mobile is being developed in-house at Activision.

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