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More Diablo 4 Log-In Issues Emerge as Launch Players Flood Servers

Diablo 4 is experiencing even more login issues as new players flood the servers.

Diablo 4: Ultimate Edition owners enjoyed four days of relatively smooth early access. Now that Diablo 4 is available to everyone, I’m starting to have more login issues.

“The game servers are down again,” said one reddit user. “I’m stuck on the loading screen while teleporting. I’m getting error 30000 and can’t load into the game. So so.”

Unfortunately, some hit harder than others. When a Hardcore Mode character dies, they’re gone forever, which makes disconnecting even more stressful.

“I literally just lost it.” [Hardcore] 95% of characters trigger games throughout the campaign [disconnected] It was during the final boss fight,” said one. reddit user.

“I was just making my character when I got depressed,” said another. reddit user. “Like I said, I’m going to go play something else. I literally just logged in thinking I’d give it another try and this is what happened.”

flat Old fashioned LAN party I am affected. Diablo 4 is an always-online game. This means that your local LAN can have login server issues. “We stood in line for hours and ended up playing the Monster Hunter board game to kill time,” they said.

Blizzard customer service says they are working on the login issue.

“We are currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers. This issue may cause login attempts to fail or be slow,” the company confirmed on Twitter.

Adam Fletcher, Diablo’s director of global community development, also took to Twitter to share his thoughts. “We understand that you are experiencing login/server issues. The team is working on it,” he said. “We’ve seen some improvement, but the team is still working on the issue overnight.”

On the other hand, Diablo 4’s mounting is also causing problems. If it hasn’t been kicked off the server, it seems likely that it will eventually be kicked off the mount.

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