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Naughty Dog Celebrates The Last of Us’ 10th Anniversary, But No Announcements on Game Development

Today marks the 10th anniversary of The Last of Us’ release on PlayStation 3. As the series celebrates its 10th anniversary, developer Naughty Dog celebrated the milestone, but those expecting news and information from the series will be disappointed. .

Naughty Dog announced in a tweet that it will be celebrating the series in various ways. However, the developer has tempered his expectations and candidly clarified that he will not be sharing any announcements regarding game development today.

There’s no new information about a new installment in the series today, but Naughty Dog shared some news that fans of the series might like. photomode collectiona partnership with Gallery Nucleus for the upcoming The Last of Us gallery tribute, and blog post Several members of the original The Last of Us development team reflect on the past decade since its release.

This happens a few weeks after Naughty Dog apologized in a tweet It just wasn’t ready to show off an untitled multiplayer game set in The Last of Us universe. The statement also confirmed that Naughty Dog was working on a “brand-new single-player experience,” but did not specify whether it would be a sequel to an existing title or a brand-new IP.

A report from bloomberg He noted that the development of The Last of Us multiplayer game has been plagued by challenges, with the “quality and long-term viability” of the project clearly being called into question. It noted that while the game will not be canceled, sources claim that “a small group will remain with the project while the company reassesss its direction.”

We don’t have much new information about the new The Last of Us game, but yesterday the PC port of The Last of Us Part 1 was validated on Steam Deck. Additional news about the series announced earlier this year included HBO’s The Last of Us, which premiered in January and was renewed for a second season, with showrunner Craig Mazin confirming a second installment. He admitted that the incident “covers more than the season’s worth.” TV’ and hints at splitting the sequel over two or more seasons.

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