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One Piece Card Game Hands-On Preview

Yohohoho! The One Piece card game will officially make its global debut this winter, months after its release in Japan. Meanwhile, events like Anime Expo and Gen Con give fans a little preview of booster sets and starter decks before they become available worldwide. Additionally, a tutorial app for the One Piece card game is available now for those who can’t wait.Aside from the amazing mix of One Piece art, this Bandai-produced card game also features a veteran of his TCG player There are some familiar card mechanics.


Gameplay for the One Piece card game is standard for TCG. If you’ve played Magic The Gathering, Hearthstone, or Dragon Ball Super card games, these mechanics are very familiar. That said, the gameplay is pretty fast at the moment, so there won’t be many matches going on. To do that, you need a leader and a character card that damages your opponent.

Your deck is built around your leader card. The leader card determines how many life he points you have, but is also the main target for your opponent to win the game. In most TCGs, the player’s life and his points reflect each other, so it’s very interesting that the leader’s card determines his health. This is a bit worrisome as some decks are good at taking damage fast, so leaders with low health are at a disadvantage from the start.

Alongside the leader, there are also character cards for dealing with pain. Character cards are played by paying the cost of the card shown on the top left of each card. Stock up on mana or dons, just like in Hearthstone!! Cards each turn, up to 10 of these character cards that can be played onto the field. I don’t care about this kind of mana pool or TCG accumulation. I think card games will introduce more ways to manipulate consistent mana increases, much like Heartstone has done with their system over the years. Cards you use every turn as you may want to save them for event cards.

Event cards are like instant cards or spells in other card games that are useful in certain situations. For example, the Guard Point Event Card allows players to give their leader or character 3000 power as a counter during battle. It’s 1 DON!! If you run out of mana, DON!! This card cannot protect you during your turn or your opponent’s turn.

For example, compared to the Pokémon card game, it’s nice to have a mana pool as it allows for different interactions on both player’s turns. For me personally, it makes for a fun and exciting exchange that can change the course of your game. Finally, there are stage cards with various advantages. Like the leader, only one stage card can be placed on the field at a time.

Stage cards don’t have passive effects like Yu-Gi-Oh! Although it is a field card, it has abilities that can be used to support other characters and leaders each turn. For example, the Thousand His Sunny Stage card allows the player to rest the card or turn the card sideways to power boost a Straw Hat Pirates character or leader by 1000. This is always useful when you really need to do that damage. Overall, the gameplay isn’t that unique, but it does make the game more accessible. The demo deck and tutorial app don’t offer players much work outside of aggro cards, so I hope there will be more interaction with the deck or trash area, such as searching, repeating, or scrying.

deck building

Like other card games, the One Piece card game has multiple colors or archetypes. The currently announced starter decks are his four: Straw Hat Pirates, Worst Generation, King Shichibukai, and Animal Kingdom Pirates. Straw Hat Pirates looks like a red card, which usually means it’s in an aggro or aggressive deck that relies on quick damage. The worst generation is the green deck, which means more card activations in this game. This gives you the possibility to attack again with your character or refresh your DON!! Cards to play more cards. King Shichibukai is a blue deck, usually meant as a control deck. As in other card games, blue cards can return characters from the field to their owner’s hand or deck. Final Starter His deck, Animal Kingdom Pirates, has a mechanism that allows the player to reduce his DON!! Card Count to perform powerful actions such as destroying opponent’s character cards. This purple deck has ways to increase its mana to offset powerful high cost cards. Judging by the Luffy leader cards in the demo decks, some leaders are multi-colored, which can lead to different deck combos, not just monochromatic decks. I might mix them up and make a red and green Supernova (Super Rookie) deck. In other words, there may be room to create a few unique decks rather than the more obvious tribal or category decks.


Last but not least, One Piece’s art is probably what fans are most excited about.This card game carries on the art of the manga and anime, but also showcases brand new and unique art. Bandai has provided several teasers already showing off the new Sabo, Trafalgar Law, and Roronoa Zoro designs.

Bandai has kindly provided us with demo decks and promo packs so we can see every English-language card available so far in all its glory. It seems like it’s going to get some sloppy design treatment, which shouldn’t be too surprising. Good luck to all collectors!

One Piece card game demo deck and promo pack

The One Piece card game is Bandai’s latest TCG, and after getting hands-on with the game, it almost resembles the Dragon Ball Super card game, followed by Hearthstone. I have. As more sets are released over time, we’ll be able to see other mechanics appearing in the game. It will be released worldwide this winter.

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